Scott L. , Oceanside, CA  2/24/2018

The most affordable, caring Vet I’ve been to. And I’ve been to many over the years. Very thorough, conservative care, not pushy. I’ve found the Vet I’m sticking with!! Such a comfort to not dread a Vet visit. Thank you, Dr Choi and staff 🙂

Elle Z. ,San Diego, CA   10/8/2017

I’ve been coming to Nordahl since the beginning of 2017. This vet clinic is far from my job and home but I make the trip because it is affordable, I love the staff, and Dr. Choi is friendly and competent.

I have been to many vet clinics and never rated one 5 stars. This place earned its 4.5 stars and I will continue visiting here.

I would highly recommend the low-cost vaccinations (I think they’re on Tuesdays) and low-cost dental cleanings (Wednesdays).

My dog has gone through a period of multiple tooth extractions over the last 2 years since she is 7 years old and I didn’t prioritize her dental health in the past. Upon learning that bacteria in the mouth can cause internal organ issues, I made the decision to get her dental health on track. Better late than never. I’m lucky she didn’t lose all of her teeth due to my previous carelessness.

We’ve finally gotten to a place where I’ve been able to maintain her teeth and none are rotting anymore. I’ve never felt upsold here and I appreciate the staff’s attentiveness and caring nature. With the anesthetic deep dental cleanings every 6 months and brushing of her teeth every few nights, I’m happy to say that she didn’t need any extractions at her last visit. I know it’s time to take her in when her breath starts smelling bad. I can’t get to the back teeth along with her squirming, so I know I can’t clean her teeth as effectively as the professionals.

Thank you, Nordahl! You are a true gem. Keep it up, please.

Blake F. ,San Diego, CA  6/8/2017

Last week our 1 year old male Siamese cat became very sick  he vomited multiple times in one day, stopped eating completely and was not using the litter box at all. We have no kids and our two cats are our babies so we were absolutely terrified. After different x-rays and ultrasounds it was determined by Dr. Choi that our cat had a foreign object in his intestines that was causing blockage and was considered life threatening. Dr. Choi informed us he would like to perform surgery immediately the following morning after putting our cat on IV fluids the night prior to prepare him for the surgery (he was extremely dehydrated). He answered all of our questions and made it known that this was a very aggressive approach but that it was our last resort if we wanted to save our baby. I can happily say that our cat is now doing 100% better! We were able to bring him home the following day after surgery with meds sent home and instructions on caring for him. Even with multiple staples in his stomach and being poked and prodded for the past few days he is so happy back at home. Eating, drinking and using the litter box normally. To top it all off what they found in his intestines…the cloth head to one of his stuffed mouse toys  needless to say we threw away all the similar toys at home and have been keeping a close eye on him. We can’t thank Dr. Choi and his amazing staff enough for saving our cats life, literally.

Maida Z. , Vista, CA  2/4/2017

They really take care of my dogs as if they were their own. Dr. Choi is a very good doctor and his staff is always very pleasant! My dog Bandit hates going to the Vet and they spend extra time comforting him and giving him extra hugs. I love this place and always feel comfortable knowing they are doing what’s right for my fur babies.

Brenda L. ,Poway, CA  12/30/2016

Dr Choi saved our dog’s life!
My dog “Luna” a 9 yr old Rottweiler had Pyometra & was going to die any day. She was suffering so bad and her eyes were red! Because of her age her prognosis was not good but we decided to go ahead with the operation anyhow because she was truly family.
Our prayers were solved & she came home same day. After 3 days she seems young and active again like nothing had happened. The prices are very reasonable
With military discounts Thank you Dr Choi . Much love The Limtiaco family